Celebrity in Ireland has a lot to do with how the bollox in question makes everybody look at home. To mitigate the effects of cheese stinking it up for everybody else--are The Gooseberries.

The not-so-distinguishing ceremony was held on Thursday at Dublin's Sugar Club with the sour cream of Irish entertainment and media whipped up for humiliation dished back.

Standing before Simon Cowell night after night on British TV last year were twin boys from Dublin--Jedward--who became a household word uttered by the top politicians in both Britain and Ireland. The wholesome pair were booed and beloved, and gave Cowell plenty opportunity to slag, but they were able to say to Graham Norton that they always heard the "boos" as "woos." In the video below the pair kick it with Vanilla Ice, which serves as one of the most vivid examples of the truth to be found in Dubhglas de hÍde's essay The Necessity for DeAnglicizing Ireland which can be read online here.

The Craobhin Aobhin was recently honored by An Post with a stamp.

Other performers and media people who got The Gooseberries include: Worst Irish Ad by the Harvey Norman Radio show, Worst Irish Radio DJ Joe Duffy, Worst Irish TV Show The All Ireland Talent Show, Worst Irish Single What about now by Westlife, Worst Irish Album, Peace in the Valley by Daniel O'Donnell, Worst Irish TV Host Brendan O'Connor, Worst Irish Gig Chris de Burgh at the The Gaiety, Worst Irish Publication VIP, Worst Irish Journalist Brendan O'Connor again.

A full description can be read at The Gooseberries website.