Clint Eastwood’s 1976 iconic hit, Outlaw Josey Wales, starts out in 1865 Missouri. The civil war had just ended and a small force of confederate guerilla fighters had been persuaded to turn themselves in to federal forces for amnesty.
They arrive at the federal encampment, to be disarmed and then told to assemble in the middle of the camp.  There they are instructed to raise their right hands and repeat the oath to the union, as read by a union officer.
They start to repeat the oath of allegiance:
“I swear to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States.  I swear that I will never again take up arms against the government”
But the script takes a horrible turn as the union officer starts to insult the men, expecting them to repeat his insults; the men grumble that this isn’t what they bargained for.  
The next words from the union officer are:
“I pledge that I will be loyal to the United States of America, and recognize that it is one nation…Though I be murderous, verminous, lying Missouri scum…” [Open fire]
The assembled men, who expected to hear unification and a welcome back into the fold; instead are bushwhacked and massacred.
If the past is any predictor of the future, President Obama’s State of the Union speech set for tomorrow, will have shades of the repatriation scene (figuratively) in Josey Wales.
Democrat operatives have said the intent of the president is to destroy the Republicans, so his party can gain control of both houses of the legislature.
The Republicans have been bushwhacked and massacred on many occasions during sessions like the State of the Union speech by this president; will they again just sit there and take it?
In the past, President Obama has insulted Republicans in Congress, forcing one congressman to blurt out “you lie,” during the presidents speech.
Even the Supreme Court has been targeted.   In an unprecedented breach of propriety, he berated the justices sitting below him for  their decision to give free speech rights to American Corporations in political campaigns.
After Obama slammed them for their decision, Justice Alito shook his head and appeared to say “not true," as Democrats stood and applauded all around the Supreme Court members.
President Obama has shown by his actions in the past he won’t hesitate to use his bully pulpit, to be a bully.
Will the Republicans push back? 
Perhaps tomorrow will mark the beginning of a new strategy to fire back at the president.  Obamas speech will be followed by a rebuttal from Republican rising star, Marco Rubio.
Rubio is well spoken and well respected; he knows how to deliver a powerful speech.  He will not be afraid to call out President Obama for any misstatements or insults he hurls at his party.  He will also do it speaking English as well as Spanish.