Since 2010, Wisconsin has been ground zero in the battle for the political future of America. 

Wisconsin citizens found their backs against the wall after years of rule by the left.   Fed up with ever increasing entitlement spending, with debt burdens spiraling their tax bill out of control, in 2010 they voted for a new governor.  They also gave the new governor a majority in the legislature.  Together they worked to restore fiscal sanity by balancing the budget and taking back control from the unions who ruled the state.

Since 2010, Democrats and their allies in the unions poured everything they had to cripple the legislative process.  They  occupied the streets of Madison with 100,000 protesters and jammed the capitol building with mobs nearly making it impossible to conduct legislation.  In spite of these roadblocks, legislation was passed bringing change to Wisconsin, that had not been seen in years
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Undeterred, the left started an all out campaign to harass and intimidate legislators who dared carry out the will of the voters and tried to recall many of them.  But when the smoke cleared, their recall plan fell short and all they had to show for their efforts was a huge financial loss for themselves,  as well as the state of Wisconsin.

But the final drama has yet to be played out, as the left targets Governor Walker for  recall set for June 5. 

In only the 3rd time in our nations history, a sitting governor has been the focus of a recall election.  Millions of dollars in union and democrat funds have zeroed in on the Governor to throw him out of office.  Thousands of out of state workers have been brought in by democrat supporters to gather signatures and register new voters. 

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said: "The Wisconsin recall race is a "dry run" for November."

But flying in the face of that statement, unions and Wisconsin Democrats have recently criticized the national democrat party for not stepping in more and helping out.  Then Ms. Schultz seemed to temper her statement and hedging her bets by saying:  "Wisconsin isn't such a big deal; no major repercussions if Democrats lose." 

For not being such a "big deal" record amounts of time and money have been poured into this state to effect the outcome of this election.  The Democrat National Chairman saying she is contemplating defeat in this recall, is a huge admission.

Polls in Wisconsin are proving that voters still like the Governor and he seems to be gathering steam, especially after a brilliant showing in a debate against his Democrat challenger last week. Additionally the Tea Party has been actively involved in Wisconsin, giving governor Walker a huge boosts.

If Governor Walker triumphs in this recall, he has survived everything national unions and the left can throw at him.  Contrary to Ms. Schultz saying there will be no "major repercussions for Democrats, political experts say a loss for Democrats in Wisconsin will be disastrous for them.  It will embolden Governors and legislators in other states to enact the same kind of changes seen in Wisconsin and gives the right momentum as the November elections loom.

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