A recent “poll” saying 96% of the Irish population would vote for Obama if given the chance, is mystifying to many Irish Americans. 

America, more than any other country in the world, has been a shining beacon of light on the hill for millions of Irish emigrants.  They left by the boatload and later plane load, for a country of opportunities to those who wanted to work hard to better themselves.

But the secret fuel for that beacon of light on the hill was capitalism.  America has been a land of opportunity for anyone who wanted to succeed, in spite of their birth circumstances.  America was not saddled with a caste system, or royal class that pre determined ones future. 

But over the years, there has been a creeping “entitlement attitude” rising in America.  Many special interests with an axe to grind for past  unfairness, real or perceived, have spawned a government industry, that doles out “fairness” with pre-selected winners and losers in society.

This attitude coalesced into a political coalition of special interests, helping to elect our last President. The result: More Americans are on public assistance than ever before, the country is spending money it doesn’t have and government is consuming a portion of our GDP at record levels.

A mentality that encourages government “service” by the forgiveness of student loans if you choose a lifetime of working for the government, rather than working in the private sector, sends the message as to where we are headed.

In short, America is pointed towards a socialist European model.  The same failed model where government bureaucrats determine what’s best for its citizens.

I was on Irish radio last week and the host asked me: “Would a President Romney be good for Ireland?”

My answer was, an unhesitating yes.  The raw truth in President Kennedy’s words many years ago: “A rising tide will lift all boats,” is very evident today.

An economically healthy America will raise the economies of the world, including and especially Ireland.  Mitt Romney is not a product of government largesse or government programs, he knows how to ignite America’s moribund economy by encouraging the private sector. See: America is poised for a post Obama comeback.

He has spelled this out in his 5 point economic plan to make America the world’s economic powerhouse.

He will unlock America’s energy resources & make us energy independent.

He will encourage and support school choice for parents and children to break the chains of a failed public education system. America will soon have an educated electorate.

He will encourage fair trade around the world and establish economic zones.

Immediately cut our insane budget deficit, by measuring the value of government programs with the question: Is it worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?

As a member of the private sector for many years Romney sees the many shackles put on America’s small businesses. He will change this and reverse the anti business climate in Washington, with one of encouragement.

There is a clear cut choice for Americans this November and the choice they make will determine the economic climate, not just for Americans, but for the rest of the world. 

With a vibrant, bustling, American economic juggernaut, everyone in the free world will enjoy its success.  Not only will America remain a place for Irish to emigrate to if they want to try their luck, many Irish may want to stay in Ireland as more economic opportunities arise in the homeland. This is the promise of a Romney presidency.

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