Mrs. brown instinctively knew mischief was brewing when she saw those three sitting under her cherry tree the other day. She just knew there would be consequences for the neighborhood as she closed, locked and bolted her door.

I felt exactly like Mrs. Brown when I saw Senators: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman all together in one spot doing a news interview. I knew something would be brewing and it wouldn't be good for us. To add a bit more Beelzebub to the picture, Chuck Schumer was hovering in the background.

For McCain and Graham, both with years before they have to face the voters again, this would be the time to turn their backs on campaign pledges and morph into the rinos we have come to know over the years. Joe Lieberman has already said he is not running for office after his term is up, so he has no one to answer to and nothing to lose.

The possibilities are endless with these three, as over the years they have proven to be unreliable, by faking right, but going left and faking left but going right (in Liebermans case).

With repercussions of elections behind them, they are free to vote on blanket illegal alien amnesty, more leftist judges appointed to the bench, (God forbid) more campaign finance "reform" and take a hard look at the news media see if a bit of "fairness doctrine" would help the problem out.

Will the resultant compromises result in 30 pieces of silver for an aircraft carrier called SS McCain? Doubling funds to Israel? Lowering tobacco taxes? A new Washington monument of some sort?

What's it going to be? What's it going to cost us? Mrs. Brown wants to know.