I've read a bit about Governor Christie before, but until today I had never heard him speak on the issues facing New Jersey. I caught a CNBC segment of him talking jobs and money at lunch hour and all I can say is, "Governor, will you adopt us?"

Last week I argued that the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen shouldn't be hounded out of the job because he was a little groggy during a morning interview. That doesn't mean, however, that he should remain in the job.

The truth is he has to go as does his party.

In many ways Cowen is almost my ideal politician. I don't want to like my political leaders. In fact, I think some gruffness and some meanness combined with arrogance can be excellent character traits in a leader, particularly at a time like this when tough decisions have to be made and stakeholders in the status quo have to be told where to go.

If you read the newspapers you'll see many references to Cowen being angry or whatever, but mostly what I hear is waffle and conciliation. He needs to be tougher, but even that wouldn't matter because he is UP TO HIS NECK in responsibility for what brought us to our knees in the first place. He was the Minister for Finance when the country was run into the ground.

So, it's time for a new leader and a new government. Unfortunately, everyone in Ireland is already very familiar with what the alternative will look like and it ain't all that appealing. The leader of the opposition is not all that likable, but nor does he project the toughness necessary to shake up the nation, take the burden on his shoulders and lead us to safety.

No, we need Chris Christie {photo} and, apparently, he is three quarters Irish so that's not an issue. For years there was an argument in politics here as to whether Ireland was (or should be) 'closer to Berlin or Boston.' Right now I say the heck with Berlin and Boston, we need to move much closer to Trenton.