Cardinal Dolan stood on the platform of the 2012 Democrat National Convention Thursday night and gave the gathering his blessing with a closing prayer.  This, in spite of the fact boos still echoed from the assembled crowd who had earlier fought to keep even the mention of God out of their platform.

What was he thinking? True he had a bit of a pro life message in the prayer, but he was thoroughly F bombed for that later on Twitter and other social media by democrat activists.

But if there is a major political party in the United States that has set its sights on any more anti Catholic policies than the Democrat Party, please let me know.

The Democrat Party can’t state any stronger than it does, it is committed to taxpayer paid abortions, including late term (9 months).  Isn’t the church firmly against infanticide?

The Democrats firmly stand for free taxpayer supplied birth control. Their featured speaker and poster child, activist Sandra Fluke, militantly stood for her right for taxpayer paid birth control. Did she infer it was a God given right, or is she an atheist? 

To illuminate the matter, the convention floor was flooded with free condoms adorned with anti Romney/Ryan ads on the packaging.

The Democrats denied 3 times before the rooster crowed Thursday morning, an addendum to restore God back into the platform.  It was plain from the crowd roar,  the the majority did not want mention of God in the platform.  But moderator, LA Mayor Villaraigosa barreled over their protests and inserted God back in the platform, knowing it would be political suicide for the Democrats if they willfully left God out of their platform.

Under provisions of Obamacare, Catholic & other religious institutions will be forced to provide and pay for birth control as well as abortion services for their employees. These institutions have joined together to sue the administration for forcing upon them policy that totally violates what their religions stand for.

By performing the closing prayer and blessing upon the convention, Cardinal Dolan puts his stamp of approval on it.  Perhaps he thinks he can gain favor from this or score political points?

Somewhere along the line, politics and religion intersect and religious leaders become more like politicians.  They tread a thin line of trying to appease the state at the expense of their religions and moral convictions.

What happened to the religion built upon the rock of Peter? Early believers were crucified for their religious beliefs, rather than bow to the immoral will of the state.  Perhaps it is time for the church to do some deep soul searching and see what they really stand for these days.

Perhaps it would have made a much stronger statement to steer clear of the convention, rather than appear to give it tacit approval by his appearance.

As a wise man once said, if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

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