Foods rich in Vitamin D

It seems that every week, science finds new benefits of vitamin D. A new report now shows those benefits extend to from bladder cancers.

The study, the largest of its kind to date, was conducted by the Spanish National Cancer Research Center and published in the latest issue of the Journal of National Cancer Institute.

Speaking of the study’s findings, research leader, Núria Malats, said:

“We have seen that those subjects with the highest levels of vitamin D3, a stable form of vitamin D in the blood, are those who showed the lowest risk of suffering bladder cancer. These results indicate that high levels of this vitamin are associated with protection from the illness or, similarly, that low levels are associated with a higher risk of suffering from it."

Better yet, the findings indicate that the protective effects of vitamin D were against the most aggressive and invasive forms of the disease.

Bladder cancer is a growing malady in the U.S. The National Cancer Institute estimates that Americans will develop about 75,000 new cases this year resulting in almost 15,000 deaths.