Ireland a Latino Leprechaun and Todd Clever the representative for USA Rugby
If you thought the Lucky Charms adverts of old were a little racist then maybe this USA Rugby clip isn't for you.

To promote the Eagle's game against the Irish rugby team in Texas, this June, USA Rugby went full leprechaun including pots of gold, diddly-iddle dee music but thankfully there was no leprechaun tossing.

The add stars Todd Clever representing the USA team and Ireland is portrayed by a Latino Leprechaun. Brian O'Driscoll was unavailable, perhaps? Or maybe Paul O'Connell wouldn't fit in the outfit? reports that the video has been doing the rounds online since March but was recently highlighted on Reddit.

As David Kinch put it, so perfectly on what a "brilliantly awful (and slightly racist) promo video". Amen!

Here's the video: