Local legal clinic can help with your queries
By Kieran C. O’Sullivan, Immigration Counselor with the IPC

We had a good turn out at our monthly clinic in The Banshee on Tuesday. Both attorneys, Chris Lavery and Dan Harrington, who are experts in immigration and naturalization law, provided free one to one consults to all in attendance. We had three (3) marriage based petitions to deal with on the evening. Many of those who are going through the process at the moment are able to navigate the process alone as long as there are no complications in their case.

One couple wondered if a medical exam done earlier this year would suffice for the purposes of the application for legal permanent residency. This would not meet the USCIS requirements which are quite strict.

These medical examinations verify an immigrant’s health and admissibility to the United States on medical grounds. The exam can identify medical conditions that require follow-up medical care after emigration to the U.S. or adjustment of status to permanent residence. You and your spouse should have an immigration specialist or immigration attorney review your paperwork before filing at US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). The medical examinations may include but not be limited to the following:

Physical Examination: applicants are required to have a physical examination and a mental status evaluation. Tuberculin (TB) Skin Test: All applicants 2 years of age and older are required to have a tuberculin skin test (TST). Vaccinations: Most applicants need to show that they are current with all vaccinations recommended by US public health officials. See the complete list of recommended vaccinations on www.uscis.gov
People with a history of alcohol or drug abuse should discuss these issues with their immigration attorney before the USCIS medical. Everything between you and the attorney remains confidential.

Paperwork review

While we mentioned that some people can navigate the paperwork process, we should stress that any applications and petitions should be reviewed by an experienced attorney or immigration specialist prior to submission to the USCIS. Our team of attorneys and specialists review such documentation each month at the clinics. However, in some instances, where there is evidence of visa fraud, an exclusion bar, or prior convictions, we strongly recommend applicants retain an immigration lawyer.

Congratulations to new US citizens

We send our congratulations to all of our new US citizens who were sworn in during 2013. We remind our new Americans to register to vote.

As the year draws to a close, we remind anyone thinking of applying for US citizenship that we are here to help you through the process. Give us a call, or send me an email to learn if you are eligible today. If an old criminal arrest or issue is causing you to pause, you can discuss it with us in complete confidence. We do not share any callers’ information with any local, state or federal entity.

January 2014 Immigration & Legal clinic

We will be having our first of 2014 legal & immigration clinic on Jan. 7th at 6:30 pm at The Banshee, 934 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, MA. It’s advisable to call ahead if there is inclement weather in the forecast to ensure the clinic will proceed as scheduled. All matters discussed at these clinics are strictly confidential. Email me at: kieran@ipcboston.org

Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in it is provided to inform generally, and is not intended as a substitute for individual advice. Immigration law is subject to frequent changes and individual circumstances can affect the application of certain legal provisions. For individual legal advice, please contact the Irish Pastoral Centre directly regarding upcoming legal clinics or consultation with an immigration attorney.