Spot the UFO?
A video uploaded to YouTube by  leonamiga claims to be footage of a UFO over Dublin. The video seems to be taken from a still camera, to a building. It shows a small bouncing light moving across Dublin’s skyline. posted the footage asking “UFO Over Dublin Or Chinese Lantern?”

It seems that many of the site’s readers are skeptics. One commenter, Jimbo, posted “Someone tell Jim Corr, only he can save us!!” Corr, from the hit band The Corrs has often made his beliefs on conspiracy cover-ups publicly known.

Dash Rickwood commented that the UFO “moves just like one of those mysterious Garda helicopters” and another questioned that the footage was actually of Dublin.

One commenter on the YouTube clip seemed to disagree with the non-believers. The user, junkification, wrote “Same thing over my house, same night. Portland, Oregon, New Years Eve 2012!! I reported the sighting to mufon(dot)com (sic)”.

What do you think?

Here’s the footage:

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