U2 on tour

U2 are planning to sell at least three of their four-legged, 29,000-square-foot steel claw structures from their current tour as permanent venues of their very own.

The record-breaking tour finally comes to the tri-state area on Wednesday, July 27 at Giants Stadium before ending on July 30 in Canada following a two-year stretch on the highest-grossing tour of all time.

For anyone who has seen the show, and I would suggest you see the lads on this leg if you haven’t already done so, you will know that a key component of the tour, the alien-like claw structure, becomes part of the show itself with its pulsing lights and eye-popping special effects.

According to Billboard.com, the band is hoping to put the stage to good use after the tour's completion.

"It's certainly our intention to see these things recycled into permanent and usable ventures,” tour director Craig Evans told the magazine. "It represents too great an engineering feat to just use for (the tour) and put away in a warehouse somewhere."

It remains to be seen precisely what purpose the claws will serve, but Evans is confident that they will find a new lease of life.

"They're something you can put up on a waterfront and become an instant skyline icon,” he added. "We know that the inquiries will keep coming in.

“They can carry weights no other structure can consider, and since they're already developed and designed you can probably complete (a venue) in a one-month period instead of a two-year build period."

The band has been making some amazing music under that claw and taking chances with their set list that other big bands wouldn’t dream of doing.

They are sprinkling snippets of the music from their Spider-Man soundtrack into the set. Moviegoers watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon heard their new song “North Star” in the soundtrack, but not before 75,000 fans at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

No details on where to purchase this multi-million dollar slab of pop art. Maybe eBay?