For all of you idiots who think Wolfie just makes up the facts in this blog, try this one on for size!

Because I have GENUINE, IRREFUTABLE PROOF of them this time.

The simple facts are these: broke a BIG story a coupla weeks ago about a bunch of billionaires getting together to tell jokes about poor people and play "Twister." (Now, the poor-people jokes and "Twister" facts are still being checked out by my cub reporters, but there's no doubt whatsoever about this rich guy's meeting.)

Oh, and Oprah was there, too.

The press, from the great (New York Times) to the unfathomably awful ("Inside Edition"), all took due note of IrishCentral's world exclusive -- even though some of the unfathomably awful wrote it up like it was their own story instead of ours. But that's the free press for you, and I say, that's what makes America great.

Now, we may as well have dumped in our hats. Because websites in three of the worst nations on Earth, the most-hated and despotic regimes, have snitched our story. And, since they do not speak English, we have no friggin' clue what they're saying about us! But I say, "consider the source." And the source of the following clips are plain as the tail on my ah, body.

The first offender in this theft is Russia -- BIG SURPRISE! They wouldn't even have toilet paper unless they had copied our patent for plastic! Behold:

There you have it, comrades! It's the Russian bear vs. The Irish Wolfhound! Don't they have anything else to write about without stealing from us, like that slice of bread that went on public display yesterday, priced at 6,525 billion rubles?

The next offender in our rogues gallery is even less surprising than the Rooskies -- because it's their old pals just over the Great Wall of China. And by that, I mean China. Talk about an undeveloped nation! They use some crude alphabet that's mostly a bunch of scribbles, and doesn't mean crap to anybody. But the tell-tale reference to IrishCentral is as plain as day:

The Wolfhound is on a roll! But it just keeps getting worse. I mean. bad enough that Russia and China have stooped so low. You sort of expect it. But can there be a nation even lower, even more hated, even a country that has a very funny smell you notice the minute you get off the plane? Yes, it's...

... France! God, I feel so violated!