What's Mitt Romney going to do for healthcare
Doctors have an inside little joke which says “trust me I’m a doctor.” Of course, no one, including doctors, should ever be trusted simply based on who they are or what they do. Trust is something that can only be earned.

The strategy of Republicans this election cycle, especially in the presidential race, appears to be trust me I’m a Republican.

Well, I for one am more than a bit leery. There simply is no meat on the bone. Granted, Obama has been deficient in many ways. But is it really enough to say I’m not Obama, I have business experience - trust me - I’m a Republican?

In politics I have learned to trust no one. It’s the dirtiest business in the nation. But I am open to listening to some new ideas and giving even a flawed candidate (nearly all are) a chance.

So exactly what is the Republican (i.e. Romney) plan for providing affordable healthcare to all Americans? What is the plan to create new good paying jobs? What is the new foreign policy going to be? 

I haven’t a clue. That’s the problem. I don’t know what the Republican plan is. I don’t think there really is any plan other than to defeat Obama.

That to me is simply not enough.

I suppose as the campaign heats up this fall, some defining will surface. It has to. Yet even then, the devil is in the details and we can all rest assured that the details will be far and few between.