On Saturday September 15th and 22nd at 10:30 am, the new children’s musical will perform at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA.

In “Trad Kids,” Shannon Heaton’s upbeat, inventive, interactive folk musical, a book-loving (but wistful) mouse throws a party and invites a social frog with a bright, infectious outlook, a shy, polite toad who loves to paint fish portraits, and a wacky truck-loving lizard with a dazzling array of magic tricks.

The critters have a great time playing and singing together, and learn about the importance of chipping in and encouraging each other.

While the story, the new vocabulary words, and the themes of team building and creative participation are aimed at kids 3 and older, the 40-minute long show will also appeal to toddlers (who will enjoy the music and the silly characters).

With both traditional (“trad”) and original Irish-style folk songs, Heaton’s new show celebrates self-expression with its diverse and lovable cast. “Trad Kids” highlights team building, social skills, and creative participation.

Kids learn new vocabulary words—and become empowered to express themselves thoughtfully and eloquently while parents will dig the smart music and humor.

The Trad Kids band will feature Shannon Heaton (flute, vocals, accordion), Matt Heaton (guitar, vocals, bodhran), Cara Frankowicz (fiddle, vocals), and Andy Cambria (guitar, vocals).
Tickets are $10 for parents, $5 for kids and free for babies. The show encourages parents to bring babies to the show noting that “It's okay if babies fuss during the show. It's okay to nurse during the show. It's important to take tiny kids to hear music and see art, even if they make noise.”

For more information and to see clips of the show, visit http://leaplittlefrog.blogspot.com/.