Should girls ask boys  out?
Hi Matchmaker,

I read your column every week and I was wondering if you could help me. I have been interested in a guy for quite some time now and he appears to be interested as well but has not asked me out yet. 

Is it okay for the woman to make the first move or should I wait for him to ask me?

 I know you have said in the past it is important to let the man be the man but how long should I wait? And if he is not asking is he even really interested? Please help. I am clueless!

 Thanks - Samantha

Dear Samantha,

A lot of women ask me this same question, and the answer is simple. If a man is interested in you he will ask you out. I understand it can be confusing because the two of you are texting, talking and flirting, but always let him make the first move.

I suggest the next time you talk to him to casually mention the subject of getting together and then see what he says. You should not be doing all of the work. You also should not be wasting your time talking with a guy if all he wants out of this is a friend to talk to on the phone...

After he responds, if he doesn't bring up getting together I would tell him straight out that you are really too busy to keep up the phone calls. That might be enough to light a fire under him and plan a date with you. Hopefully it does. Feel free to write me after his response. Good luck. - MTN

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