Dating at Christmas - sur why not!
If you find yourself enduring pangs of loneliness this holiday season, maybe it's time you ventured out and tried to find yourself an Irish companion. Here are some reasons why your search for that special someone should be focused on those of Irish descent.

1.    We are great for the banter. So there is no chance of the conversation drying up.

2.    We are very kind; expect some Irish themed gifts especially for the holidays.

3.    Guinness, Jameson and Baileys.

4.    Finding an Irish only child is rare, plenty of family to meet and chances are you will not be the only significant other.

5.    We will make you laugh. We are a witty, entertaining bunch, sure to regale you with lively tales.

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6.    The accent.

7.    What about some famous Irish Christmas pudding? We know all the best places to stock up on Irish supplies.

8.    The likelihood is we will be heading back to the Emerald Isle for the Christmas, which will give you a chance to want us more.

9.    Only an Irish person can make the perfect hot toddy - the oldest cure for the common cold

10.   You now have an excuse to visit Ireland and see it for yourself!

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