Keith Haring jigsaw
An Irish woman has completed the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world in a record 100 hours.

Ann Doyle from Tullow, Co. Carlow was not fazed by the 32,256 piece jigsaw.

“I sorted out all the edges and the colours first – that alone took two hours. Then, I starting making it in rows; there are 288 pieces in each row,” the mother told the Carlow Nationalist.

“It took 100 hours to complete it,” Ann revealed.

The 17-foot long puzzle is now framed and on permanent display in The Dome in Graiuguecullen, Carlow. The puzzle is based on the art of Keith Haring.

“I just love doing them,” Doyle added.

See a video of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle below which was also completed in Hong Kong: