As we approach Thursdays speech by President Obama to the joint session of Congress, many are wondering if the President will acknowledge the uncivil rhetoric that has been emanating from his allies.

It hasn't been that long since the Presidents erudite speech in Tucson had many swooning over his rhetoric calling for a new civility. But since that time, it seems his "new civility" must pertain to any that oppose his policies. His allies are free to say anything without repercussion from the White House.

The President himself has been an offender of his "civility" mantra, going so far as to castigate and criticize sitting audience members of Congress during the last joint session. Congressmen and women, out of courtesy and protocol, are not able to answer back the insults the president hurls their way. These speeches are one way conversations with the President setting the tone and topic, which to many is more than uncivil and seems very partisan.

The President publicly demanded a joint session on the very night the Republican debates had been scheduled....for months. The Speaker of the House, bridled at the Presidents bullying tactics and said, "you can do it on another night, but not Wednesday".

So Obama gets another captive audience Thursday to unveil what many think will be a re-run of more Keynesian failed economic policies to "stimulate" our failing economy. Or could he surprise us and use this opportunity to set a new tone of civility and spirit of non partisan cooperation. He is the President and he has the Pulpit.

If the President wants to set the tone and disarm his critics, he could execute a brilliant move and do something uncharacteristic for him: Acknowledge that his allies are using harsh, uncivil rhetoric in order to create animosity and division among the populace. Some say it is deliberate, class warfare of divide and conquer. Let the president call for a new era of civility from his high profile allies who wield great power:

President Obama should by name, ask Congresswoman Maxine Waters to apologize for telling American citizens to go to hell.

President Obama should by name, ask his Vice President Joe Biden to apologize to American citizens for calling them terrorists and barbarians.

President Obama should by name ask his friend, Jimmy Hoffa Jr., who delivered the Presidents warm up speech in Detroit, to apologize to the American people for calling them sons of b*tches and saying we're going to take them out.

President Obama should by name ask Congressman Andre Carson to apologize to American citizens when he said Americans want to see blacks hanging from trees and they yearn for the return of Jim Crow laws.

So Mr. President take this opportunity to disarm your critics and step up to the plate to become the great uniter many thought you were capable of being when they voted for you.

America looks forward to a new tone of civility coming out of Washington D.C, starting with their President.

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