A defenseless black and white kitten was trapped on the side of the M50 motorway in Dublin, as the oncoming traffic sped past it at 100 kilometers an hour.

A rescue mission made its way to the south-bound lane opposite the exit for Dundrum at junction 13, moments after the kitten was spotted. The speed of the cars made the task of rescuing the four-month-old kitten almost impossible.

The Dublin SPCA sent off Lisa Kemp, an ambulance driver, to the site and she realized in just how much danger the petrified kitten was in.

“He was absolutely terrified. I couldn't get to him. The traffic was going too fast, I kept fearing he would run and be hit,” she said.

"I ran with the cat basket and just grabbed him and ran back," she said.

The kitten was taken to the SPCA center in Rathfarnham, and the staff has named it “Freeway.”

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