Islamic terrorism - It’s a war stupid
 The Boston terror bombing brings home the fact we are in a state of war, even though our government leaders don’t want to acknowledge it.

The attitude by the present administration is eerily similar to what the Clinton administration had, that lead up to the 9/11/2001 terror attacks.  Criminalizing terror is in fact ignoring the active war being waged against our country and western society.  As if we don’t name it, then it doesn’t really exist.

During the Clinton administration, our world trade center was attacked with a truck bomb and our embassies in Africa were bombed killing hundreds.

The reaction by the Clinton administration was to classify them as criminal acts, to be dealt with as if they are common lawbreakers.

Later, in a frank moment, Clinton admitted he screwed up when he had a chance to kill Osama Bin Laden and didn’t take it, because: He had “no controlling legal authority to do so.” 

This is lawyer talk, not a commander in chief who is responsible for the safety of American citizens….

The terror war against our country is by radical Islamic terrorists,

The Obama administration still refers to the slaughter of American soldiers at Ft. Hood Texas by Major Hassan, as workplace violence, even though he had ties to radical Islam and he was uttering Allah Akhbar as he squeezed the trigger killing our unarmed soldiers.

The underwear bomber who tried to blow up a passenger airplane over Detroit was whisked away and given Miranda, although he wasn’t an American citizen.

This administration downplayed the attack on our embassy in Benghazi that killed 4 of our personnel including our Ambassador.  They initially tried to put the blame on an unruly mob enraged by a cheesy internet video. When in fact it was a well organized attack by an Al Qaeda connected group.

But the Boston bombings have brought this war squarely in our face, on our soil again. From preliminary reports, Russian intelligence warned us one of the bombers was tied to radical Islamic organizations.  Why didn’t the administration pursue this? Were they afraid to offend someone?

But Islamic radicals want to kill us in the name of their religion…Why? Because we are Americans.  Boston was an act of war, not a criminal act.

Shortly after the bombings, a gunfight erupted outside of a nuclear power plant in Tennessee.  The assailants escaped on a boat and the FBI is investigating. See Fox story

In this same time frame, a terrorist plot was foiled in Canada when authorities arrested two radicals with ties to Al Qaeda in Iran.  They were planning to blow up a passenger train bound for New York.

How long will it be before Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups are equipped with far more lethal means of attacking us? Iran is close to nuclear weapons capability and is closely tied to Syria with vast supplies of chemical and biologic weapons.

These are not criminals who are trying to destroy us and our way of life, they are soldiers in a war against us.