No matter how you spin it, "Occupy Wall Street" is not comparable to a Tea party grass roots gathering. I have been listening lately to those on the left who say it is their version of the Tea Party, but as many see it ,there is no comparison.

The Tea Party has a clear unified message: Lower taxes and smaller government. It's not complicated and hard to figure out, you can ask almost any participant and you will get that same general answer.

When there is a Tea Party event, people gather at a place that does not interfere with the ongoing commerce and business of a city it is being held in. There are never any arrests and people are usually very respectful. At the end of the day they, clean up any trash that may have accumulated, return to their homes, take a shower and get on with their normal lives. Tea Party members made their voices heard at the voting booths by turning the elections on their head last November.

The only people the Tea party gatherings inconvenience are the Tea Party participants themselves, who have usually taken time off of work and traveled long distances at their own expense to attend these one day events.

But the citizens of New York are not seeing the respect from the Occupy Wall Street Crowd that they would expect from the Tea party. These "occupiers" are not here for the day to gather peacefully, make a statement and leave. They are camped out in the midst of the city and want to annoy, disrupt and inconvenience the citizens of New York city.

Their general beef seems to be that corporations are evil. They have some validity to the close ties between Wall Street and Washington DC. We get it, we want change too. But the core source of the problem is Washington DC and that's where the eye should be directed. Evidently many of them have the time and outside sources of income to hang out in the city for almost a month.

Along with the general message that corporations are evil, some are demanding free medical, free educations and a living wage of 20.00 per hr. whether working or not. Also heard is the demand of canceling out of their debts and raise taxes on the "rich".

Of course Michael Moore, Inc., champion of the poor and downtrodden, has been making appearances shaking his fist at the "rich" and leading the crowds with Marxist style chants. Does anyone in the crowd know that M. Moore, Inc. is worth about 53 million himself? That could pay for quite a few living wage jobs.

Fabulously wealthy, capitalist Russell Simmons, owner of several evil corporations himself, including a debit card company, was there to speechify and condemn the "greed'.

This demonstration could have accomplished in one day some attention and support. But it is now garnering resentment from the businesses and citizens of New York who are being displaced and damaged by this invasion and occupation of their city.

Who is supposed to be watching out for the citizens of New York City? Seems city officials think the occupiers"rights" are precious. How about demanding and making sure the occupiers show some respect and responsibility to go along with those "rights"? One way to show that is by leaving the city as they found it and going to their respective homes to work within our system for change, if they don't like the way things are. Responsibilities are supposed to march shoulder to shoulder with rights.

There is a forecast of rain, is that what it's going to take to release New Yorks citizens from being hostages? Or will the Mayor step up to the plate and protect the citizens of the city he has sworn to protect?

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