The Catholic Church has provided comfort to billions of people over the ages by offering continuity and tradition in an always turbulent world. The church and its ceremonies have survived the dark ages, plagues, wars, and despotic governments. Through every sort of calamity imaginable, the church has remained solid, like the rock it was built upon.

But times have changed and to deal with it can be difficult. Sometimes tradition and obstinacy are blurred and if you don't recognize that, the world will pass you by. Recently, the church has been rocked by sex abuse scandals, waning influence and a worldwide shortage of Priests.
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The Church is ignoring the great social changes that have swept advanced cultures around the world, one of the major changes is that women have achieved parity with men in almost every arena....They are equal human beings. No longer are women expected to stay home and bear children. They are free to do that, but they are also free to pursue anything else and rightfully so.

In today's world women are heads of state, test pilots, astronauts, doctors, scientists, pastors, CEO's, Generals and someday soon, a conservative woman will step up to be President of the USA.

So with all of this progress throughout civilized countries of the world, why can't the church recognize that women are equals and deserve a seat at the table of power? It seems that women were able to have positions of importance in the church prior to 494 AD.

But in 494 AD, Pope Gelasius decreed women could no longer be ordained to the priesthood. From that time, women’s roles in the church diminished and they were deprived of leadership roles.

Time for the church to step into the 21st century and ordain women as priests, nominate them to be cardinals and bishops and one day soon, when we see smoke over the Vatican, it will mean a woman has been selected to be pope.

Sometimes you either change or you self destruct. Which will it be?

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