I've been a huge fan of Tim Ryan since I first set eyes on his wonderful pieces. They are truly breathtaking and you can only really appreciate just how special they are when you try them on. I'm not a 'girly girl,' I prefer tailoring and slouchy t-shirts but when I wear Tim's pieces (I have two) I feel utterly feminine and otherworldly, ladylike even which is a rarity! He is so talented and has managed to keep his feet firmly on the ground despite, ahem, gushing fans! Everyone from Kate Moss to Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole are collectors of the label. Read an interview I did with Tim for Grazia here 
What makes them so unique is that his collections, but especially his fringed jackets appeal to everyone and anyone. The grungy girl who wears it with denim cutoffs or skinnies to a festival, the classicist who pops it on over a LBD and the fashion fiend who wears it just about any way she wants. 



The two styles above are one-off jackets made from sequinned knit and vintage yarn. There is only one of each in the world! So, if you have someone VEEEERRRRRRY spoiled  special in your life or maybe you're special enough to buy it yourself! It's available here and is honestly one of the most beautiful things you will ever wear! 

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