Located in Quincy Center
Celtic Rock band 'The Young Dubliners' on stage last Thursday, July 25, at the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy

By Sinéad NíFheallaigh
For music lovers, who have been traveling afar to listen to authentic voices in America’s music scene, your journey has come to an end. The South Shore Music Hall situated in Quincy is the answer to every true music fan’s prayers. With its unpretentious décor, its friendly staff and a talent for booking an eclectic mix of live bands and DJ’s for your enjoyment, there is no excuse to sit through another cover song or jukebox play-list at your local bar. This intimate venue located just off Hancock Street in the heart of Quincy Center is the ideal setting for all those looking to experience live original music at its best.
On Thursday, July 25, Celtic Rock act ‘The Young Dubliners’ were at the music hall and were supported by three other Celtic Rock and Punk bands from Massachusetts and Maine. The music may be considered “alternative” but the crowd were otherwise, with a mix of attendees that ranged from die hard punks to passerby’s who know good music when they hear it.
Opening act ‘Bar Room Heroes’ set the tone for a night of high energy rock shenanigans that kept the crowd on their feet from the get go. This young band from Weymouth may have been on first but certainly left a lasting impression with their defiant punk act that reminded this reviewer of the iconic Northern Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers. Next up seasoned performers Guns of Brighton who are a traditional punk three-piece band from Boston; their set composed of solid guitar hooks and original lyrics with a detectable influence from the likes of Thin Lizzy and The Pogues. Third act on the night were a Celtic punk/rock band from Maine ‘The Pubcrawlers’ who gave a master class in why punk and Irish traditional music fuses beautifully and their theatrics on stage couldn’t go unnoticed with lead singer occasionally leaping into the crowd, much to their delight. Last but not least, Thursday night’s headliners ‘The Young Dubliners’ took center staged and once again the crowd, inched forward to listen to their repertoire of original rock compositions along with the occasional Irish folk songs. They ended their set with a rapturous applause from the crowd and calls for ‘one more’. Considering such excitement was to be had on a Thursday night, one can only assume that the atmosphere on a Saturday night is electric.
If you’re passionate about live music then check out the line up for the coming months at South Shore Music Hall. You won’t be disappointed.
For more information check out www.southshoremusichall.com