The world's smallest movie theater ...and old phone box in Malin
(Photo: Donegal Democrat)

The children at a local school were given a preview of the unique cinema-for-one, the world’s smallest movie theater, in an old phone box in Malin.

The converted phone box was set up ahead of the Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival, in Donegal, Ireland’s most northerly movie fest.

During the festival the old Eircom phone box will play the award-winning Irish documentary ‘Bye Bye Now’, which fittingly tells the tale of the rise and fall of the Irish phone box. One by one audience members will be able to enter the phone box and watch the 15 minute movie by Aideen O’Sullivan and Ross Whitaker.

The festival includes 30 award winning movies from 15 countries played on six screens in the town, including this phone box.

Here’s the full short movie “Bye Bye Now”: