As they say it’s either feast or famine. As I’ve shared with you lately I’ve been cautiously dating a lovely woman and things have been going pretty well. So can you imagine my surprise when I’m asked by my best friend’s wife to go on a date with her sister.
You should see this woman. She is five years my junior, never married- a real stunner in looks and works out at the gym a lot! A real career woman too who I’ve always secretly fancied to be honest.
I was over the moon when Betty, my friend’s wife, told me her sister was interested.
Sadly I had to refuse (for now anyway) because my current relationship is going well and I don’t want to mess her around.
But isn’t it just typical. My question is am I better off knowing that Betty’s sister is interested or not knowing at all?
She is in my thoughts more than she should be so if I wasn’t made aware of it maybe I’d be more committed to my current relationship.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy at the moment and life couldn’t be better just that “don’t lead me into temptation” issue is rearing its ugly head.
Anyway thought I’d share with you guys how popular I’ve become!
Getting divorced was the best thing that ever happened.
I’ll keep you updated!