New polls show there has been an eight point shift in Mitt Romney s favor ability with women.  Previously President Obama had the momentum with women scoring 49-43% over GOP challenger Mitt Romney. But there has been a tremendous swing towards Romney showing he is ahead in this key demographic, being favored 48-46%, over President Obama.

The months of portraying Republicans as "waging a war on women" by keeping them, metaphorically and literally, barefoot and pregnant, has backfired on Democrat strategists.  Todays polls show their "chickens are coming home to roost."

The reason their scheme has failed?  Because there is no war on women, real or imaginary by the GOP, or Mitt Romney.

No matter how many Sandra Flukes, get set up to testify how unjust life is because they might have to pay something for their birth control pills.  Or how many imaginary "Julias" are portrayed by the Obama re-election committee showing how, through state planning, they are cradle to grave government dependents......There are millions of women who deny these ploys and see where the real war is these days.

The real war on women is a failing economy under policies by the present administration. This administration who thinks more government is the answer to any problem. 
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 Women are welcome to the highest level of achievement by the GOP,  there are no glass ceilings to stop them from achieving any goal they may want. Women are looking at Mitt Romney s success as a businessman, Governor, humanitarian and architect of a hugely successful Olympic Game and see that his leadership could turn the economy around.

You would think this important seismic shift in public opinion would gain headlines with the main stream media, but there is barely a mention of it.  After months of aiding and abetting the Obama re-election campaign by hyping the "war on women," Obama and the mainstream media have little to show for their efforts.

The facts is, the economy and the deficit are of main concern to Americans and that is where their focus is, no matter how many sideline issues, or shiny objects are thrown out by the Democrats.

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