Here are some more audio excerpts I recorded from the show Ros na Rún, which you can watch in whole here on the Internet. By isolating phrases and imitating them, I'm picking up the rhythm of Irish, and my comprehension and pronunciation is improving. So, why not for you too? Listen to the audio. Imitate what you hear. The text below the audio is my best yankee guess. #1 in this series of audio clips can be found here.

Tá mise togha, tá tús luath ar maidin.
I'm fine, I have an early start in the morning.
Ta mishuh tau, taw toos loo ar majin.

Táim sa freisin, faraor.
I'm the same also, unfortunately.
Tawm sa freshin, faree-er.

Is smaonaigh iontach é.
It's a wonderful idea.
Iss smeenuh eentuck uh.

Tuigim, yeah yeah.
I understand, yeah yeah.
Tiggim, yah yah.

Bhuel, cónra maith, agus...
Well, a good coffin, and...
Well, cunra mah ogus...

Caithimid de na bláthanna saor in aisce.
We must give the flowers free of charge.
Cahimij de na blawhanna sare in ashkuh.


Ar mhaith leat cúnamh le sin? Ba mhaith.
Would you like help with that? Yes.
Er mah lat coonuv leh shin? Bu wah.

Stee díreach abhaile.
Go directly home.
Shtee deeruck awalyuh.

Fág seo, a leanbh.
Let's go (leave this), child.
Fawg shuh, a lahnuh.

Is tú grá mo croíúil, nach bhfuil fhios 'at?
You're the love of my heart, don't you know that?
Iss too graw muh creeool, nock will is ad?

Bhí mé gnóthach. --Ghnóthach?
I was busy. --Busy?
Vee may grahhockk. Grahhockk?

So, caith tú amach iad?
So, you threw them out?
So, kah too amock eeud?