Our elected officials including President Obama, high tailed it out of Washington soon after crafting the Frankenstein Monster debt deal called the "satan sandwich". Many of them needed R & R time to heal from the black and blue marks caused from patting themselves on the back.

Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, rambled on about how he has worked so hard and been away so long from home, he hadn't seen his roses bloom or his persimmon trees in blossom.

But the bloom was already off the rose, while Reid gave his sanctimonious speech on the Senate floor. Because it was just a matter of days before the world and the American public became familiar with what the politicians had signed on to, in order to give themselves political cover.

The devilish details in the agreement nicknamed the "satan sandwich" by a liberal congressman, fell way short of what was needed to be done in order to preserve Americas AAA rating. It window dressed, when what was really required were deep cuts to special interests that have entrenched themselves in our society. These special interest have evolved into an almost constitutional entitlement mentality, something never envisioned under the framework of our country.

For example, an entitlement being spawned right now in Pennsylvania, is the "right" for those to have government provided and paid for cell phones. How much does this cost and where does it say in the constitution that government has to provide cell phones? I can see this one has national merit for the nanny staters.

But truth withstands the test of time and someone said socialism works until you run out of other peoples money. America long ran out of its own money in order to prop up the entitlement state and is about to run out of borrowed money courtesy of the rest of the world.

If it was not for the Tea Party presence in Congress and the Senate, there would have been no bulwark against the runaway spending/entitlements that run the show in Washington. As it is, the "cuts" watered down by the establishment, were not really immediate and would happen during some future congresses term. But it gave Obama 2.5 trillion of extra borrowed money to spend during the remainder of his term.

The "satan sandwich" was a disgusting display that showed a lack of respect for the American people...But it didn't fool the real number crunchers working for the credit rating agencies. They took the opportunity to show their lack of respect for our politicians in Washington DC., in a most stark way: By cutting our credit rating.

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