The Mighty Stef
You've read in these pages about the Wee Craic, which returns on Friday September 21 with short films at Arlene’s Grocery (95 Stanton Street in New York). It’s a great way to tune into the minds of the best and brightest filmmakers of our culture.

The big news for us is the after party with the Mighty Stef at R BAR, at 218 The Bowery.

The after party and music at R Bar brings film and music lovers together with an open bar from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.

The Mighty Stef is one of the most riveting performers working the Emerald Isle today. His shaggy-haired swagger and the raw sexuality in his voice creates a cocktail of sixties soul and Jim Morrison sensuality. His music employs dirty riffs, cabaret drama and that gravelly voice for a vibe that is described in the rock and roll business as “the real deal.”

His albums are littered with songs about New York City, and Stef says he’s stoked for the showcase on our shores.

“Usually I get a lot of Irish at my shows in New York City, so it’s always a special night playing in New York, and a special day that leads up to the show,” he says.

“I have songs about New York City on all my records, and probably will always write songs about it so long as I visit there. It is no secret that it’s the best city on earth. The audiences are always great!”

He says he is working with his band to cook up a new disc and hopes to record it in the U.S. in January, with an eye for a summer release.

“In the handful of solo shows I'll be doing in the U.S. this month I’ll definitely be playing some new stuff,” he says.  “I’m even considering even recording some of the live performances for a live release.”

For fans jonesing for something new right now, log onto his website at It features a cover of a song by Greg Cartwright called “If You Can’t Give Me Everything.”

Cartwright isn’t exactly a household name, and Stef is aiming to fix that. “I have been listening to Greg Cartwright and the various bands that he has been in for the past 10 years,” he explains.

“He is a very soulful rock ‘n’ roll songwriter from Memphis, he writes about heartache in a way that nobody else does and I have always been inspired by his songwriting.

“I don’t know him, but I sent him a version of the song online and he got back to me saying that he loved it and that was good enough for me!”

It should be a night for the record books at the Wee Craic after party on the 21st. See you there!