Here's a howler from Wolfie: The New Year may bring a royal visitor to Ireland!

More like a royal flush to my way of thinking, if Queen Lizzie accepts an invitation to visit Dublin extended by the usually sane Irish president, Mary McAleese.

Speaking on the "Late Late Show," she said: "I'd like to think it could happen. I've long since been on the record as saying I think it could be one of the greatest symbols of where we have moved to as a country if we had that great reconciliation with our neighbor.

"We have seen a huge change in the relationship. It's probably the best it's ever been historically. It's friendly, it's fraternal, it's collegial. We wouldn't have a peace process if it wasn't as collegial and as partnership-driven as it is, so we are very fortunate."

We're very fortunate to have a peace process? We'd be a hell of a lot more fortunate if we didn't need one! And that royal ass -- even though she's too much of a bobblehead-doll to have done much for or against us -- is still the blue-haired symbol of Britain's "rule" over the North, and THE reason for decades of unbearable pain and suffering.

Let's make a deal: When Obama invites Osama to the White House for a cup of reconciliation tea (better check his underwear first in case he's "packing"), Ireland can have Lizzie pop over.

Until then: Stay the hell away, lady!