President Obama's surrogates, actively doing his dirty work, have accused Mitt Romney of being secretive because he only released 2 years of his tax returns.  Senate leader Harry Reid, while on the Senate floor even accused Mitt Romney of felonious activity.  Asked by reporters if he has any basis for these accusations.  Reid answered: "An unidentified informant told him."

It's not enough to sully the Senate by making false accusations, but to do it from the Senate floor is pretty low.  As a lawyer Reid knows he has immunity because he made the charges from the floor.

The rest of Obama's trained attack dogs/surrogates, including close associates, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs made the round of national Sunday news shows, fanning the flames by intimating Romney must have done something wrong because he is hiding those records. Axelrod had previously accused Mitt Romney of being the most secretive presidential candidate since Richard Nixon.

The head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Preibus, said he has had enough of the unsubstantiated attacks and is not going to allow his candidates to be targets without hitting back. On the Sean Hannity show today, Preibus said we (Republicans) are getting punched by these guys with brass knuckles.  We are going to punch back with a bigger set of brass knuckles.

On national TV, Preibus called Senator Harry Reid a dirty liar.  Taken aback, the shocked TV host George Stephanopoulos asked: "Are you sure you meant that?"  Preibus fired back: "I said it didn't I."

But Obama and his surrogates live in an all glass house, although the shades are tightly drawn over many parts of it, it is still glass and susceptible to incoming rock attacks from the GOP.

President Obama didn't receive the scrutiny of his past that other presidential candidates have been subjected to by the main stream media.  As a Democrat, a liberal and the first black presidential candidate, he was treated with kid gloves. Bill Clinton found out the hard way in the Democrat Primaries when he was helping his wife Hillary try to win the nomination.  He complained the race card was used as a weapon against him and that card has been used against political opponents of the 0bama candidacy.  See Bill Clinton: Obama Played Race Card On Me. 

So Candidate Obama evaded questions into his background, unlike other candidates who receive a colonoscopy from the press when they run for office.  There are many unanswered questions about him and sealed off parts of his past which should be answered for:

All of President Obama's school records, thesis papers, grades, financial  arrangements for tuition, are sealed shut and not accessible.

While President Obama was a member of the Illinois State Senate, he claims his scheduling records during those years are lost.

All of President Obama's medical records are sealed from public view.

The media never pressed or wanted to delve into:

Obama's longtime and close personal ties to communist Frank Marshall Davis. 

Obama Attended the church of Reverend Wright for 20 years who called the United States of KKK America. 

His close personal relationship to convicted terrorist bombers/killers Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. 

His longtime association with convicted felon Tony Rezko who played a key role in Obama's purchasing his million dollar property in Chicago.

Something else that is not answered and should be, is Michelle Obama's 300K a year job at a Chicago hospital that magically was created when her husband became Senator. That position ended immediately when Obama won the White house.

Read: Top 10 convicted felons, fugitives and  shady characters in Obamas life.

Additionally, President Obama's recent use of Executive Privilege to seal off the Congressional investigation into Fast and Furious gun running scandal, what is he hiding?

We all know Romney made a lot of money being a brilliant businessman in the private sector, his time at Bain Capital has been well scrutinized.  If anything he seems to be an Eagle Scout morally....if there were skeletons in his closet Obama and his minions would be exploiting them. 

Since the Obama presidency has not been successful and there's not much he can brag about as far as accomplishments, he will try to destroy Romney by inferring he has something to hide.  Mitt Romney needs to turn the tables and let the public know just how much of the Obama image is shielded in secrecy.

The Marquess of Queensberry rules are not in effect in this campaign Mitt, the sooner you know that, the better you will be prepared.  I think a more fitting example of what you should expect for rules in this campaign is the famous street brawl scene in the HBO series Deadwood.

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