With determination and purpose the "little people" in Gullivers Travels, relentlessly threw their tiny ropes over the sleeping Giant. Although each "rope" was really a thread compared to the giants size, the sheer number of them provided the strength to keep him subdued.

After six years of the left being able to sway the agenda, two of which they had absolute control, we can see the results of their handiwork and the "giant" (Americas economy) has been immobilized.

It took time, but the ropes of "green energy" are sending fuel prices sky rocketing. Domestic oil and coal exploration are being regulated out of existence. Obama said under his plan of "cap and trade" electric power bills for our homes will "necessarily skyrocket". People have to make decisions between eating or putting gas in their cars so they can get to work. That is if they have a job to go to..... But they are acceptable casualties in the war on "global warming".

The anti-business climate ropes under the direction of Obama leftists has prompted a statement by the leader of the Black Chamber of Commerce of America to say: "Obama is anti-business and the policies are starting to look Marxist to me."

The left's idea of a cure-all for everything and anything our country faces are the many ropes of bigger government and more government programs. For the first time in the history of our country over 50% of the population is receiving some sort of income or assistance from the government.

Even Americas pre-eminent investor, Warren Buffet a former Obama confidante, seems to be distancing himself from the leftist tilt that we find ourselves in. He made a statement the other day at his shareholders meeting saying that "capitalism is what made America the greatest country on earth and capitalism will be the solution to get America out of its economic morass...not government."

Time for the strapped down giant to break his bonds. Time for real adult leadership in Washington DC.