February is the shortest month of the year with only 28 days. Yet it is a month packed with importance that no other month can boast. It is the birth month of Americas three greatest Presidents and another President whose potential greatness was nipped in the bud after only 34 days in office.

It is a month who sets aside a special day for lovers when Valentines days is recognized.

The entire month is celebrated as Black History Month.

Of course it is the only month that honors the mighty Groundhog who determines what our weather will be for the next 6 weeks when February 2, dawns....What power!

But without the 3 greatest Presidents who lead our country through its most turbulent eras, we might not be here today as a nation to celebrate February.

President Washington, first and only Father of our country, whose strength and determination saw us through those dark days of Valley Forge and on to victory over the British. His leadership brought us the beginning of the greatest country on earth.

President Lincoln, who saw it as his sole most important role as the leader who would preserve our union. In spite of overwhelming losses, calls for his resignation, criticisms from every corner, he persevered through our country's dark days and kept us e pluribus unum.

Which brings me to our greatest President, the humble man from humble beginnings, an Irish American who loved the USA, President Ronald Reagan. With that unmistakable twinkle in his eye, the gift of gab that only comes from a close encounter with the Blarney stone, he inspired our country to greatness in a time of national malaise and sweater wearing. When he took office we were faced with cataclysmic consequences on all fronts. Nuclear war and annihilation were a button push away.

Ronald Reagan's charismatic leadership inspired us to greatness. He steadfastly stared down the Soviet leaders which eventually broke the Soviet Union. This lead to the crumbling of the Berlin wall and opened up the floodgates of freedom around the world. We had unparalleled prosperity without the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over our heads. He was truly a great man needed for that time. He was also the man on whose principles the modern day Tea Party is based on.

This humble man once said: " I am not a great man, I just believe in great ideas".

Happy 100th President Reagan, God Bless you up there!

PS: Could you please send us another February born President...soon!

Editors note: Feb 21, 2011 ... (NewsCore) - A Gallup poll taken ahead of President's Day reveals that Americans believe Ronald Reagan was the nation's greatest president, ...