The Republican debate which aired last night from St. Anselms College in Manchester in New Hampshire, showcased a talented and patriotic pool of Republican Presidential candidates.

Sponsored by CNN, it was, in my opinion a well run, fair and balanced question and answer session which give us good insight into each candidate on stage. Special kudos to CNN's moderator John King, who was the cat-herder in charge, able to move the debate along by poking and prodding the would be fillibusterers. (is that a word?)

The candidates all followed the Reagan doctrine of practicing the 11th commandment by not speaking ill of each other, so the debate was not tinged with rancor or personal animosity towards each other. But there were plenty of shots taken at Obama and especially Joe Biden.

Among them were ex Governors of states that have executive experience and know what the "the buck stops here" means. As Governor, it is impossible to vote present. Everyone of your decisions has your signature on it. Both Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney scored points with the audience last night as they fielded questions from the moderator. Romney was the frontrunner coming into the debate and didn't seem to slip from that position (He was voted as having the best Presidential hair). While Pawlenty scored points when he said he would champion "right to work laws" if he was elected President.

We also had a man of integrity and great experience from the private sector, who has never ventured into the political world before. Herman Cain is a breath of fresh air when he speaks from the heart and tells you how he would solve the nations problems. Maybe he doesn't have the polished professionalism of the seasoned politician, but the way he speaks from his gut trumps all of that. He will be a force to be reckoned with.

Ex Senator Rick Santorum acquitted himself well by speaking out on the administrations failures and capped it off with a crowd pleasing "Under this administration, our enemies don't fear us and our friends don't trust us", which brought a loud burst of applause from the audience.

Newt Gingrich used his time to showcase his through understanding of the nations problems and what he would do to set the nation back on the right course. He definitely has the experience and wisdom to do that. But past Gingrich gaffes and the recent mass resignation of his staff casts a pall on his chances.

Ron Paul never waivered from his Liberterian principles and as always has a core of support among the right.

But Michelle Bachman seemed to be the one who gained the most approval and applause from the audience and the nation. She not only announced her candidacy for President while on stage, but forcefully and honestly laid out her beliefs and core tenets for all to see. She also took the opportunity to explain to the public what the Tea Party really stood for. She clearly showed it is NOT a marginalized group of extremists, as it has been painted by the media, but a wide array of Americans proactively working together to get the country moving on a self sustaining path of prosperity....Away from the direction of nanny state which it is now pointed in.

Yes the field of Republican candidates on the stage last night was impressive. Any one of them would make a great President in these stressful times for our country. I am looking forward to the process which will bring forth our next President.

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