Hello all my single friends.
It was a great New York weekend. We couldn't have asked for better weather.
I met my lady friend for a nice Italian meal on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed every second of her company.
It's not everyday a woman has the ability to make me feel this way.
I've discovered my inner flirt and am enjoying experimenting with it.
I've also discovered that I can't concentrate on anything for very long.
She dominates my thoughts night and day.
At any given opportunity I find myself talking about her to friends and they've been very patient with my ramblings.
But I'm still being cautious. I need to be.
This very new relationship could go either way.
So I'm enjoying my time now but am also being realistic about the possibilities of this coming to an end too.
Time will tell but for now I'll continue to enjoy what we have together.
I received a number of emails from Irish Central readers.
Most wishing me well and a few cheeky ones asking for my number. But the email that I'm going to reply to here is from a gentleman named Ray.
Ray has been married three times- each one ending in divorce and advises me to stay clear of another trip down the aisle.
To Ray I say- getting married is certainly something I won't be rushing into but if it's in my future then it will happen. I certainly won't set out a list of rules for myself this early in the game.
It's an open book- my future- so time will tell what fills the pages but I appreciate your advise and concern Ray.
Keep writing people and happy dating.