Thousands of Dubliners have joined a Facebook site to piece together the story of one of Dublin's beloved characters, an elegant woman called "Mary," who used to dance and dole out tidbits to passersby, no matter the abuse she got from the occasional bollox. She hasn't been seen for sometime, and the rumor is that she has fallen very ill. If anyone knows more about her, join in on the conversation.

And another FB site dedicated to Dublin's Street Characters.

Below are some comments gleaned from the site dedicated to Dublin's lovely dancing lady.

Laura O Sullivan: I remember her , her son collected her every day at about half three. i saw her every morning ! ah bless

Niall McCormack: I have seen her on O'Connell St since 1970s. She was blonde, tall and elegant.

Catherine Patricia Moran: It's amazing to see how many lives she touched without knowing it. So maybe in a strange she did the job she was supposed to do!!!

Catherine Patricia Moran: Yes I remember her well. She did get a lot of abuse from people even though she was a harmless old soul.God bless herher wherever she is now. It's amazing how many lives sdhe

Kevin Russell: I think she was from out Bakers Cnr way. Used to travel on the 46A Bus.

Christopher Boylan: LEGEND!!

Ken Byrne: sorry for trowing snowballs at you when i was younger, get well soon x

Christine Kelly: omg havent seen her in years used 2 c her every day lol she was gas fair play2 her she didnt care

Oyster Zepplin: this woman is a lefend anyone who could try an spread that much joy in this day an age is a miracle ..she is a part of the city

Sarah Fanning: God love her, hail, rain or shine she was on that street, she was the most eccentric person in Dublin!!

Tara Behan: i remember her well....she was always dressed very elegantly ...get well soon mary xxx

Therese Ballantine: This reminds me of how graceful and elegant she actually was. Sometimes she reminded me of a 40s filmstar or something, bet she was lovely when younger. Her smile lighted up her whole face!

Dorn Simon-Sinnott: I remember sitting talking to her once on Anna Livia, she said she used to be a ballerina and then worked in the Gaiety Theatre many moons ago...always happy, rain, or shine, last I saw was her still dancing at the big needle that replaced Anna Livia really...early 00's

Aisling King: Ah the memories, what a Legend she is. Think I sat down with Mary one day for about 2 hours, she told me all about her name in Irish, her country connections and about how they don't make watches like they used to, it's characters like this that make you greatful to be Irish, we're just a great bunch we are...... Get well soon Mary!

Grainne Cahill: Seeing this page brought a smile to my face and memories of an immaculately turned out woman, with a beautiful smile on her face. One of the city's biggest characters, she looked serene almost, with a smile for everyone who passed by. Everyone knew her and she was always there, doing her thing. All the big characters now sadly gone. I also remember the old lady with the cross and of course the old guy who used to entertain us with his magic tricks down on Westmoreland Street on a Saturday Night while we waited for a taxi home after a night on the lash! He was a legend! Dublin was a much nicer place back then... A friendlier place.
Mary is a memory for me of better times.

Niall McCormack: According to wikipedia, In 1997, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Brendan Lynch PC, renamed a corner in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar as 'The Diceman's Corner'. I think the current Lord Mayor of Dublin should be delighted to do something in tribute to Mrs. Mary Dunne, the greatest Dublin street entertainer. It is not... my place to write to the Lord Mayor as I am no longer a resident in Dublin.

Nadine Cummins: ha ha ah good aul mary, lives up the road from me.... made sunday masses a great laugh...possibly the only reason i went to mass!!up and down the aisle dancin:)lol can't believe there's a page for her...GOOOOOOOO MARY xx
ha ha ha...every sunday without fail lol!!!then i remember goin into town with my mam n sayin "eh that's the lady from the church"...and mary dancin away in the middle of the street sayin "stop the prostitution,stop the prostitution" of course you knw what my next question was to my mam "what's ......" haha xx

Photos by and David G. Kelly.

Brendan Rice: There's a clip of her dancing in this Engine Alleys Video for the song I Can't Help You