I'd heard on the radio about Tea Party gatherings, so when I was told by a friend there would be one in my local town, I decided to go and see what it was all about. This was almost 2 years ago, it was just ordinary folks showing up, taking time off work. There were Mothers with kids, retired folks, students, the police were there too just in case. But it was a diverse group of people that measured thousands as the day went on. All were there with a singleness of purpose: To show their concern about the direction of the country and to show support for the Tea Party. I was wondering how many would have shown if it was on a weekend or holiday? Everything was peaceful with no disrespect for anyone, just a group of American citizens exercising their constitutional right to gather peacefully.

The last Presidential election in the USA did not offer much of a choice for many of us. On the one hand you had a community organizer in his 2nd year in the senate with the most liberal voting record. VS. A Republican rino(republican in name only) lifer in the Senate. Who was an uninspiring orator referred to by the liberal media as a "maverick", which is code for: he caves in when the situation suits him. The choice was distasteful for many. The chant for those who cast their vote for the Republican was "slice a vein and vote for McCain". Obamas was:" The hope and changey thingy", which was simple enough for those that look no deeper than the slogan.

The result of these choices was a perfect storm of liberal controlled, House, Senate and Whitehouse, with virtually no check and balance. Tax and spend on steroids, many saw this as a crossroads for the country and felt they were no longer being represented by either party, there had to be another way. A collective consciousness brought forth the spontaneous birth of the Tea party. A groundswell of support rose up for this alternative voice for American citizens, who were no longer going to accept the status quo of politicians saying one thing and doing just the opposite.

The Tea party has taken off like a wildfire across the USA. There are and were no leaders, it is all grass roots and spontaneous by citizens, who want to get some sanity back in their government. They have not affiliated with any of the established parties either and they will not be bought off or placated, they demand responsibility from their employees (elected representatives) or they are going to fire them and get someone else in there who will do the job they got elected to do.

The first primaries came and soon enough it became obvious the Tea Party was a force to be reckoned with as quite a few rinos (republicans in name only) bit the dust to be replaced by those pledging to follow the Tea Party platform. When the November elections were held a landslide victory was given to those that pledged to follow the Tea Party principles.

The Tea Party will keep their eye on the ones they helped elect and fire them if they don't follow through. They will help shape the next Presidential, Senate and House elections and get people in there who are responsible stewards of our country. There is a new day dawning for America.