As a demographic, American women are purchasing firearms at the greatest rate in our nation’s history.

But at the peak, the President and the left, are making a concerted effort to demonize gun ownership and put strict gun controls on law abiding American citizens, which includes women.

One left wing news publication in New York even went so far as to publish the names and addresses of legal gun owners in areas of New York, as if to shame them. See NY Journal News exposes gun owners to danger

Perhaps they didn’t realize when they published these names; they exposed women who were gun owners trying to keep their identities and residences secret in order to evade stalkers. This publication also outed the names and addresses of women judges and police officers, who were legal gun owners.

The two biggest gun control cities in the US; Chicago and New York City, are already shooting galleries, in spite of their tough gun laws.  Law abiding citizens find it difficult to possess a legal firearm, yet the criminals and gangsters are heavily armed….They don’t register their guns and they have high capacity ammunition magazines, in spite of them being illegal.
Women and their right to protect themselves:

Just last week, a Georgia woman alone at home with her two young children was terrified to see a man breaking into her house using a crowbar.  She gathered up her children and ran upstairs hiding in a crawl space as the man searched the house looking for them. See CBS News story

The intruder finally opened the door to the hiding space. But instead of finding helpless victims, he was greeted with 6 shots from a pistol.  She shot the criminal 5 times in the face and neck, when the hammer came down on an empty cylinder.

The gun was empty, but the criminal didn’t know it. She told him she would keep shooting if he didn’t stop. Although severely wounded he was able to get out of the house and climb into his car and drive away, thinking the woman would shoot again.

If he knew she had no more bullets in her gun would he have harmed her and her children?  Suppose there were 2 or more intruders? She would not have had enough ammunition to defend herself and her children.

Of course the police arrived later to take reports…But they weren’t there when they were needed.

Many women live alone and want the security of owning a firearm and know how to safely use it. If they want to own a semi automatic rifle with a high capacity magazine, as long as they are law abiding citizens, let them. President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor’s Cuomo, or Emmanuel, can’t guarantee law abiding citizens a crime free environment, in spite of all of their laws. These politicians should deal with the criminal and mental health problem that that they refuse to address, before they infringe on the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens.  

In spite of the pathetic attempt to wave a magic wand and declare a location a “gun free zone” and make it all better, this has proven to have the opposite effect, as the recent mass shootings have all occurred in “gun free zones.”

Just like many utopian run cities and locations used to proudly boast they were nuclear free zones, they of course would get incinerated just as crisply as their neighboring cities if a nuke went off near them.

Here's some crime stats Piers Morgan and the major media doesn't want to discuss, courtesy of (Ben J)  Video

The 2nd Amendment guarantees American citizens, including women, the right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed upon.