“Did you see that?” Dr. Kaplan asked. I was reclining awkwardly on the table as he searched for the baby’s heartbeat with an ultrasound wand. “Did I see what?” I responded rather nonchalantly. I was late for a meeting, we had already confirmed I was pregnant for the third time and I was eager to grab my prenatal vitamin prescription and go. “Well” he said, “I think I see a shadow. Or, it could be a twin.”

WHAT?!!!!!!!! A twin?! Impossible! There are no twins in my family, no twins in my husband’s family and I was quite certain that I was not having twins. I wasn’t even sure we were ready for one more baby with the two toddlers (ages one and three) we had at home. Two more babies were out of the question! Surely, what Dr. Kaplan saw was a shadow.

He sent me to Lenox Hill Hospital to find out and promised that if it was indeed a shadow, I could call him the next day and read him the riot act. But, he cautioned, “If it isn’t a shadow, if it’s a twin, we’re looking at a very different type of pregnancy.”

A very different type of pregnancy indeed! I nearly fell to the floor when the technician at Lenox Hill informed me that “Dr. Kaplan wasn’t right but, he wasn’t exactly wrong either. There are THREE heartbeats. You’re having triplets, identical triplets.”

And so it was that my overly organized, practically planned life took a walk on the wild side. Still reeling from the news and wondering how we would juggle five children under the age of four, I started blogging to share the ups and downs of my high-risk pregnancy with friends and family. As one doctor put it, “the human body isn’t meant to carry a litter” and mine was no exception. Various prenatal visits suggested that the tots inside me had Downs Syndrome, heart defects and a host of other horrifying maladies. None of them proved true.

On October 10, 2008, Kevin, Declan and Cormac were born, each a hearty, healthy bouncing baby boy weighing somewhere between five and six pounds. Yes, that does mean that my poor body somehow contained over seventeen pounds of baby… a condition that was neither comfortable nor attractive! In any case, we had been prepared for the worst, prayed for the best, and rewarded with three little fellas that have redefined our family and our future.

What began as a personal diary of sorts has evolved into something more; LyonsDenMom.com is a place for me to share the adventures and missteps of life in the Lyons Den; it is a place to share the ups and downs of parenthood in addition to some tips and quips I’ve gathered while juggling a full-time job and house full of little “Cubs”; it’s a place that leaves readers with a chuckle and the overall sense that “if she can do it, I can too.”

It is my hope that sharing tales from the Lyons Den will help other Moms to feel positive, empowered and with the recognition that we’re really all in it together… because whether you have one kids or two kids, or God help you, five of them, the trials and triumphs are universal. And, as I know all too well, a good laugh will always brighten a dark day!