The Tea Party surfaces and flexes its political muscle at election time.  The Tea Party has galvanized Americans into action without occupying one city or breaking one merchants window...They're working within the system to affect change where it matters, at the political level.

Tuesdays elections were a wake up call for the political establishment in America. Even more so for the main stream media who were busy trying to bury the Tea Party with stories of them becoming  irrelevant. But while they focused their attention on our cities under assault by the "Occupy Movement", the Tea Party was busy organizing it's forces and preparing for elections.

Other groups of citizens, alarmed at the course the left has set the country on, have paid attention to the Tea party message of smaller government, balanced budget and taking a hard look at long term incumbent politicians who go along to get along.
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In Wisconsin the Tea Party and other citizen groups have battled back against outside union forces who poured millions into a campaign to remove the sitting Governor, Scott Walker.  Tuesdays primary elections saw record turnouts of voters who went to the polls to show their solidarity and support,for the Governor, even though it was not necessary for them to vote.  The Governor got more votes than his two Democrat opponents combined.  He is now up by 5% in the polls,  with the main recall election against him less than a month away.

In Indiana the Tea Party and affiliated organizations, flexed their political muscle again when their candidate unseated long time incumbent Republican Senator Dick Lugar, who was gunning for a 6th term.  Democrats expressed shock at Lugars loss, describing him as a "reasonable" and experienced Senator.  Tea Party members and many Republicans said he was an out of touch incumbent who had been in office too long and called him a Rino (Republican in name only).

Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Lugar's loss "a tragedy for the Senate." Conservatives and Tea Party members say John Kerrys comments vindicate Indianas result, since Kerry is the epitome of big govt and failed govt programs.

In the meantime in North Carolina, the Democrats might be ruing the day they chose that state to hold their Presidential Convention, where the Tea Party has been organizing and consolidating.  It might not be the friendly Democrat state that was thought.  Tuesday citizens flocked overwhelmingly to vote for Mitt Romney and to amend their state constitution to outlaw gay marriage and defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

After Obama and the Democrats 3 year war on energy, the citizens of West Virginia went to the polls in the Democrat primary, where only President Obama and a Texas prison inmate were on the ballot.  The prison inmate garnered 42% of the Democrat vote.  When their Senator was asked if he voted for President Obama in the primary, he wouldn't answer the question.  Senator Manchin is a Democrat.

Even when their candidates don't win, the Tea Party makes a mark and sets the tone.  In Utah they have targeted long term Republican Senator Orrin Hatch.  He was able to beat back their challenger, but only by becoming more in line with the Tea Partys principles.

The Tea Party is not dormant,  it is very active and looking to get even more engaged in the upcoming political process.   It spurred monumental change to the political landscape in the 2010 elections and it is cranking up to do the same in the 2012 elections.  They will accomplish this change by being respectful to their fellow citizens.

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