Colin Farrell

Forget Brad Pitt, push over Ryan Gosling, and as for James Bond star Daniel Craig, with those blond locks, you won’t set Irish hearts racing.

That’s according to the latest survey results from Herbal Essences which show that a large majority of Irish women prefer tall, dark and handsome men.

Given the chance, it seems Irish ladies would opt for Colin Farrell over the likes of Jude Law.

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A whopping 76 percent of females surveyed found their ideal man would fit this prince charming cliché. A mere 11 percent choose blonds as their favorite, while 13 percent prefer rugged redheads.

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A passionate race of women, some 88 percent of respondents consider themselves romantics.

Move over “50 Shades of Grey”, as three in five women choose the classic Irish tale Tír na nOg as their favorite love story. On modern day romances, Bono and Ali Hewson were also top of the list.

Which do you prefer, blonde or brunette?