The new iPhone app "Talking Woody the Leprechaun" may be for kids but you can be sure that adults will be getting Woody to repeat phrases like "Where's me Lucky Charms".

Just like a digital talking parrot Woody's app allows you to record a phrase and have Woody repeat the phrase back to you in an every so 'begorrah, bejaysus' accent.

Woody's described as a "digital hooligan" that "will repeat anything users say, react to their touch, and even grant users a pot of gold should they wish for it!"
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"If users talk to Woody he'll repeat whatever they say in his signature high pitched voice. If they poke him with their finger Woody will react, often offering different responses depending on how users touch him. Tickle him and he'll burst out laughing, but hit him a little too hard and Woody won't be nearly so enthusiastic. Users can even have Woody say their favorite movie quotes or grant them gold with a single click"

Here's a clip of what the app can do: