Walking from Bray to Greystones
I had the day off on Monday, and I had some [more] American house guests [again!], so I woke them up with some lovely brown bread from the Bretzel Bakery and all the toppings I could come up with from my cupboard and fridge. (Cheddar, Ballymaloe relish, fresh basil from my exciting new basil plant, honey, butter, peanut butter, and jam.)

After feasting – we didn’t even sit, just ate over the cutting boards in the kitchen – I took them into town to get on the DART for a day out!
They were only in Ireland for two full days, so after they entertained themselves around the city for the first day (I obviously sent them to the Archaeology Museum), I thought it would be really nice for them to get to see a bit of scenery.
I’ve done the Bray to Greystones cliff walk three or four times. It’s so easy to get to from Dublin, a good distance (about 6k), mostly flat (which, if you read my Croagh Patrick post, you know is pretty important to me), and provides some spectacular views. Also, Greystones is home to a vegetarian restaurant I’ve been meaning to eat at for years now, The Happy Pear. All three of us are veg, so I was super excited to go with people who would be just as super excited as I was!
The day started out cloudy, but as keeps happening whenever I venture out into any kind of countryside situation, it ends up being a blazing sunny day and I get sunburned. Bah humbug, Mr. Sneaky Irish Sun. 
The previous times I’ve done this walk I think it’s been fall and winter, so I was overwhelmed by how lush the path was this time! And lots of lots of vibrant flowers in colorful clusters. Masses of this vegetation obscured swathes of the view, and there were many more bugs about than the other times I've done this walk, but I'd happily trade that for the vast puddles of mud that I've associated with it until now!
We trekked and talked and looked at the sea and the bays, and it was good. And then we went to the Happy Pear and had quite the feast.
Oh my gosh look at my delicious black bean and tomato soup.


Absolutely stuffed.
Dessert on the Cake Train back to Pearse St. Station.
Zucchini cake, carrot cake, and a chocolate rice krispie square!

Everyone who we dealt with at The Happy Pear was so jazzed about the food, and that plus the kooky decor and quotes about eating and living well all over the place made for a really comfortable and fun dining experience. Their menu is different every day, based on what fresh ingredients they have, so I can't wait to go back and try more!