View of the Blasket Islands

A new documentary ‘The Crest’ is set to begin filming in Ireland this month. The film will see two Irish-American cousins, who have never met but have led remarkably similar lives on opposite coasts of the US, unite in Ireland.

Andrew Jacob of Boston, Mass and Dennis Kane of California are both great-great-grandsons of the King of the Blasket Islands in Ireland. Though having never met, the two men share similar lifestyles which focus heavily on the sport of surfing.

Eliza Kane, co-producer for ‘The Crest,’ said the film will follow the first meeting of the two cousins this year as they bring their shared passion, surfing, to the dangerous waters of their ancestors' now abandoned island.

Director of the film Mark Covino plans to explore the broad topic of nearly lost cultural treasures while spotlighting the rich family connections that make such stories so interesting in the first place.

Filming has already taken place on Cape Cod and in San Diego, and Irish production will begin on May 23 in conjunction with the country's historic reunion of international offspring, The Gathering.

To fund the documentary, the crew has created a Kickstarter account where they’re hoping to raise $30,000 by June 4.

Check out this video about ‘The Crest’ here: