By Maria DelGreco

Win a Chevy Cruze
Hundreds of your Irish friends have already purchased their car raffle tickets; don’t be the one to miss out! By purchasing a raffle ticket, you will have the chance to win a brand new 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco. Raffle tickets are $30 each and even if you don’t win the grand prize, 50 additional ticket holders will win a free oil change courtesy of McLaughlin Chevrolet. The winner will be announced on July 26th so don’t wait to buy your tickets.

“The Irish Cultural Centre of New England is the only umbrella organization for those who wish to recognize and promote the importance of Irish history and culture through programs that utilize the availability of our outstanding campus. We've made it a priority to celebrate this heritage with events and activities that bring our culture to life, connecting people of all ages and making the ICCNE one of the region's most active cultural institutions.”

To support the Irish Cultural Centre and their many years of service to the community, please purchase a raffle ticket by calling the ICC at 781 821 8291 or visiting

Cumann na Gaeilge i mBoston
The Irish language organization is now featuring conversation groups at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton every Friday night, beginning at 7:00 pm. These groups provide an opportunity for those who may have had some classroom instruction in Irish to practice the language with native and fluent speakers. It is also suitable for people who have never had any experience with it but who may have an interest in studying the language.

All are welcome to attend and simply listen to the sounds and rhythms of Irish, learn a poem or a song and make new friends in the process. “If enough people participate, we will assign each one to a group according to level or degree of fluency. This will be an informal and pressure-free environment where the emphasis will be on having fun with the language.”

These conversation groups are part of the ICCNE and Cumann’s effort to attract new students and to give existing ones the chance to converse in real-life situations. After your language lesson, there will be a terrific session at the ICCNE Pub every Friday night where you can enjoy some fabulous traditional music and songs. So come on down, learn a few phrases, a song or two and meet some very interesting people all while supporting the ICCNE.

Irish sports and live outdoor music series at the ICCNE

Every Sunday thru the rest of the summer, concerts will be put on beginning at 5pm. There is no cover charge to feel free to bring as many friends and family members as you like. The schedule of bands playing is:
7/8 - Inchicore
7/15 - Irish Whispa
7/22 - Gobshites
7/29 - Inchicore
8/5- Erin Og

Don’t miss out on this chance to join your friends at the ICCNE and see some great Irish bands for free. For more information about band schedules, visit