It's Super Bowl Sunday and I know what you're thinking: is this guy who calls himself The Yank going to watch the biggest game of the year. And the answer is ... sort of.

You can find the Super Bowl on TV here and there are a few gatherings of Americans and Irish football fans - there are some - around Dublin to watch the game. I won't be there.

I'll be watching from the comfort of my own home. For a while. Kickoff is at 11:25pm, which means the game won't be over til sometime after 2:30. I can tell you for a fact I won't see the finish. I might make it to half-time, but there's no chance I'll stay awake through that even if The Who's blasting "Won't Get Fooled Again" (which I love).

It's not just the late start, however. Back in 2006 when the Mets had that (almost) magical season, I never missed an inning of their playoff games. I stayed up for every single game - and most of them started at 1:20am. By the time the Mets were eliminated I had trouble sleeping at nighttime.

It's not just the Mets either. I've often stayed up for a Playoff or World Series game that didn't involve the Mets. I skipped sleep for many Yankee-Red Sox games over the years. I love playoff time.

That's just it. I love baseball, but I don't love football. I never did. Okay, maybe I did when I was in high school, but I never liked it more than baseball and over the years I've lived here my interest in football has waned.

I don't pay the extra $30 per month to get Sky Sports - part of Rupert Murdoch's empire - which shows two or three NFL games a week. I can watch only one NFL game a year, the Super Bowl.

So who am I rooting for today? I know the sentimental favorite is New Orleans, but back when I cared about football I always rooted for the team from the coldest city. {I never liked the warm, neutral venue thing.} That's Indianapolis this year and I like the idea that Peyton Manning uses the Irish language to call his audibles.

So I guess I'll be rooting for the Colts. Unless I change my mind before I drift off.