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Whether you’re venturing near or far, to colder Irish weather or warmer horizons, planning ahead is essential to having a successful trip.

Airplane germs: The air in airplanes is not as yucky as we might think.  Filters capture 99.9 percent of germ particles.  However, the dry air can make your nose and throat itchy, and there’s no stopping your fellow travelers from boarding a plane while sick and proceeding to sneeze and cough in your space. Arm yourself with items like a regulation-sized saline nasal spray and antibacterial wipes to keep from getting sick before you even reach your destination.

Consider travel insurance: Serious injuries or illnesses while uninsured can have dire financial consequences. If you’re traveling domestically, find out whether your health insurance is accepted at nearby medical centers. If you’re traveling abroad, it may be worth planning for the unpredictable by looking into travel health and evacuation insurance. Health insurance will cover basic medical costs, while evacuation insurance would cover emergency situations that require leaving the region to get the necessary medical care.

Keep necessary medications on hand: Lost or delayed luggage is more than just an annoyance if they contain necessary medications. Don’t play traveler’s roulette with your medications. Keep them in your handbag or carry-on throughout your trip.

Catch up on your Zzzzzz’s: For some of us, over scheduling activities during the trip can have us feeling like we need a vacation from our vacation.  Staying active is not the only key to maintaining good health during your vacation. Taking back those recommended 8 to 10 hours of nighttime sleep may be just as important. Take time between activities to lay back, relax and even take a nap. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a short nap of 20 to 30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. For article in full see

Most importantly have fun: Enjoy your well earned vacation time!!

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