The Honan Chapel, UCC
Here's a strange one to start the week with.

According to Irish third level website, University College Cork -- better known for recently accumulating such accolades as a five star quality rating from QS, and the Sunday Times Irish University of the Year -- is in fact also playing host to a satanic religious institution on its main campus.

The Honan Chapel, known to students as the on-campus chapel, and also a popular wedding venue for those a little past their college-going years, boasts eerie satantic imagery according to this video from YouTube.

According to the piece's description: "You will see [in the chapel] great sun (lucifer worship) and zodiac on the entrance, in the midle of chapel there is a big mosaic of serpant-dragon (lucifer himself). There is also lots of occult symbols all over the chapel."

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Even by YouTube standards the camera-work is decidedly dodgy, but the uploader does go to the trouble of giving us curious watchers a walk-in tour of the facility, highlighting the satantic imagery which he listed out in the video's description.

To be honest the video is pretty weird, and having been in said Chapel many times, I would be alarmed to find out that I was in fact in some sort of ancient Satantic ritual-house, but the story is strange enough to have piqued my interest, as well as that of a local education correspondent, who is trying in earnest to convince a no doubt skeptical editor to run the story; if successful, it could be the talk of the town

Irish witches celebrate annual Wiccan festival

On a similarly occult tack, Ireland's Wiccan and Pagan community recently celebrated its annual festival - Féile Draíochta - an annual celebration of all that's 'witch' and Pagan related in Ireland.

The festival took place in the Camden Court Hotel yesterday.

Organised by two modern-day witches, the festival apparently provided an interesting glimpse into everything occult in Ireland.

One of the organizers, explaining Wicca to the Irish Times journalist, likened it to a kind of healing religion, explaining that: "Wicca is a kind of religion,” says Lee, “but it’s also a craft – it encompasses the practice and creation of magic. We practise sympathetic magic, using items like candles or crystals or herbs to create spells. We celebrate the cycle of the year: we observe the four major fire festivals and the four solar festivals, and those are our main meeting rituals. Wicca ritual is about celebrating the Earth, channelling positive energies and creating healing. There’s no dogma or written creed in Wicca: it’s very free and it allows for difference in experience, in practice and in perception.”

For those curious enough to watch the UCC video and judge for themselves whether or not it's a Santaic Church, see below: